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How a CSV file should look like

in order to use our search engine for CSV-files you should know how a CSV-File should look like

The first line:

each CSV-File got an header line which can be split into fields (columns).
fields (columns) are separated by the field-separator.
fields (columns) in the first line can contain multiple titles, which are separated by the info-Delimiter.

The other lines:

these are the lines you want to search in after your upload.
the fields (columns) of each row are also separated by the field-separator.
these fields (columns) can contain multiple entries as well, which are separated by the within-field-separator.

Notes for delimiters/separators:

the field-separator has to appear the same number of times in each line.
the info-delimiter cannot be the same as the field-separator
the within-field-separator cannot be the same as the field-separator
in general you should carefully choose your separators, such that you don't corrupt your data.

Important information:

Important to know is that you have to separate columns even if they are empty, else your file is Corrupt
The easiest way to understand that is to imagine it like a Table, if a column shall be empty you don't simply cut it out, you leave it empty.
After all the best way to create a CSV-file is if you export your table as .CSV from Excel, Open Office calc or whatever you use to manage your table.

for example:

the Delimiters for the following example are:

field-separator: ,
within-field-separator: ;
info-delimiter: |
Field1, Field2, Field3, Field4a|Field4b
data1, data2a;data2b, data3, data4
data5, data6, example7, example8
example9a;example9b, examp, le, help

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